Wednesday, August 11, 2004

A call for Guest posters...

I don't know if anyone will be interested in this, but I was reading about the SNP leadership election today , and was about to post on it it, when I realised that my level of knowledge about SNP internal politics was so small that the best place to post it would be the back of a neutron particle etched by an electron beam, rather than a blog read by literally couples of people.

For a delusionally omniscient, megalomaniac control freak such as myself this represented a rare moment of self awareness, so I felt it was best to sieze the moment.

So if you know more about a specific area of politics than I do, please draft up a post on any topic you choose and send it to me at I'll then either post it here or kick sand in your face and send you an advert for buliding up your political muscles via the amazing British Spin method of Tynamic Tedium (TM).

Alternatively, post it in the comments with the phrase put this on the main page lazybones in the text.

I'm particularly interested in people who have some decent knowledge of Scottish, Welsh and Conservative party politics in general, and while personally I'd prefer you to be coming at it from my point of view exactly, assume that I am letting a dozen or so flowers bloom, if not the full thousand. Hey, I'm a gradualist.

Oh and PS, Iain Wright is a great guy, so glas he got selected for Hartlepool. I'd plug him more, but then I'd be revealing that I know more about Hartlepool than is entirely healthy, and besides, I've got a very important meeting about European Trade issues I need to go to. Now, what was that Doha round about again?

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