Saturday, July 10, 2004

I'm a bit scared.

Why no posting? Because I'm nervous I'm going to be caught. If I get caught I get sacked, and trust me on this, it's a miracle it hasn't happened yet. Any suggestions on securing my anonymity?

Of course, the longer-term alternative would be to find a job where publicly voicing an opinion isn't a sacking offence. All ideas gratefully recieved.

Anyway back to the news of the day.

I was feeling quite proud of my prediction of the political flows of the next few months until I read the news about Blair considering resigning last month.

Some points.

1. Marr says that the meeting were held in late June, when there was a flurry of gossip about a GB succession. It was a while before the story was briefed. So why is it out now?

2. The sourcing for the story isn't stated. However, I'd be suprised if it's someone from number Ten, as surely there'd be a reference to "Downing street sources" or "someone familiar with the Prime Minister's thinking.

3. The one specific thing mentioned is the names of the Ministers who voiced loyalty to Blair. (Clarke, Reid, Hewitt, Jowell).

4. There's a reshuffle coming up. Might a minister (or ministers) want to show their loyalty to the PM, thus making it more difficult for them to be downgraded or sacked?

If I'm honest, my assumption is that in the current febrile world of labour politics, these meetings did take place, though more because Minsiters had heard gossip and were worried that GB would take over. Those who were most afraind of GB leadership went to see Blair who assured the them he would be staying on. Now there's a reshuffle, and someone wants it known that they are a loyalist. So they told the BBC Political Editor on deep background.

Anyone from the BBC want to put me right?

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