Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Busy, busy, busy….

I don't know why, but I have been struck by a sudden spurt of enthusiasm and energy for my paid work. Hence, instead of using my copious office time to speculate on politics for the benefit of around 250 total strangers, I have been playing my part in the unfettered exchange of Labour, goods and services for money. Is it guilt or renewed motivation? Hard to say.

Other people who may be feeling the same way:

a) Daily Express leader writers.
b) Eastern European asylum seekers, I mean migrants, I mean fellow European citizens, I mean leaches, I mean spongers, I mean essential contributors to the overcrowded labour market… It's easy to be confused. The politics of the free market is so complicated.

Of course, spare a thought for those poor souls with a heavier workload than usual. I was rude about white collar public servants before, but here let me pay tribute to some fellow labourers who will be forced to work twice as hard for no extra money because of the whims of their masters. Who are these oppressed souls I hear you cry.

Why, the Returning officers staff in Hartlepool and North Tyneside. Why?

Because the lucky citizens of these boroughs will exercise the hallowed privilege of the ballot more often than anywhere else in Britain over the next two years. They get to vote in (deepbreath)


What lucky people to be granted such power! I bet they're overjoyed.

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