Friday, July 04, 2003

Linky love update..

I've finally aot round to updating my links page for all those who have defected to movable type (splitters!)- so if you've not been able to find them, go and visit Iaiaiaiaiain at Edge, Harry and his friends and Jackie Oh So Current.

Sorry for taking so long to do it, blame the lethargy induced by living in a high tax society.

ON a similar theme hosannahs and salutations to Paul Anderson, Oliver Kamm and Farringdon Street too.

Their arrival means that at least in my mind, the left and centre left has a pretty significant blogging majority in the UK. Am I deluded? (Yes, I know I am in general, but am I deluded on this?)

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Another European Plot Exposed

Yes, they really are out to build a superstate. First, The flag, then the currency, the constitution and the army.

Now the final building block of their fendish plan. Something interesting happening at the European parliament.

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Minister in drugs horror..

Home office Minister Caroline Flint (who is one of my nominees for best looking MP, with Hugh-grant alike Ben Bradshaw as the lucky male- sorry Tom) has confessed to a lurid drugs past of ermm smoking a joint twenty years ago. Of course, like so many before her, she "tried it, but didn't like it."

What is it about Politicians that means that none of them like cannabis when threy try it? Is it in the genes or something?

There are thousands of stoners out there, all of whom find the experience of smoking a joint a pleasurable, if illegal, experience. Ask a politician though, and they wil uniformly say, oh I tried it but didn't like it. This is lunacy. Can you get away with this defence for other illegal activities too?

"The minister confirmd that he had paid to be part of an orgy with ten prostitutes and several bottles of baby oil. The minister said it was a long time ago, and that he hadn't enjoyed the experience . "The gyrations left me feeling confused and uncomfortable. I'm not proud of my multiple partner sex orgy and only did it once, I now believe my personal experience of multiple sexual partners will help me in my new role of minister with repsponsibility for vice" "

Kudos to the first politician has said "I tried dope, and had a really good time, though afterwards I'm not sure the conversation about colours was really as significant as I thought it was. Anyway, I stopped using it because it's hard to be a thrusting young politician in a dope haze, and also I lost touch with my mate who had a mate who could get some seriously good shit."

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An argument against the death penalty.

Three men were convicted for the murder of a prostitute. Now someone else confesses.

One interesting sidebar to this, the actual murderer was caught via the use of DNA testing. Of course, pro death penalty campaigners will use this as an argument that these sorts of mistakes won’t happen any more.

They will of course, because of the natural human ability to screw up even the simplest technology. Still, don’t let that worry you.

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