Thursday, December 05, 2002

The end of the affair

Sadly, and it is with a genuine regret, I have to stop blogging. Basically, I've agreed to take a job in which it would be entriely inappropriate for me to be writing on British politics.
A) Because I'd get fired
B) Because it would be unfair on my employers. So with a heavy heart, I'm going to have to stop this blog,

I'm suprisingly affected about this. My Blog was started as pretty much an experiment to see how a blog worked. Initially, I wrote merely to see if anyone would notice what I did. It was a real shock to discover people coming to read what I wrrote, and the addiction so many bloggers have mentioned began. It was a pleasure to write about something I care about and get responses, see the numbers of daily readers edge up and become part of a vibrant, passionate debate. It's no lack of energy or affection that leads me to stop, merely the call of the realities of the wider world. I even like to think that my writing style has improved over the last few months.

However, I've caught the bug, so at some point, I will start a new blog. I can't tell you what it will be about (because I don't yet know), nor it's name, (because I don't know, and it would kind of destroy the anonymity of this one if I did.) but it will come soon. I might even put it on Movable type so it looks pretty.

Thanks to you all, and perhaps see you again sometime.

(Takes off comedy Groucho Marx disguise and slips back into the shadows)

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